Who is responsible for processing your data?When we talk about Cj Shekian, we generally mean any of the channels or media, digital or physical, that you have used to interact with us our website: cjshekian.com.

Which data do we process? Cj Shekian will process the data that you provide voluntarily, as well as the data inferred, these are the data resulting from the application of algorithms to analyse the data originating from social communication methods, shopping records, satisfaction surveys, calls to Customer Service, etc. Depending on the products, services or functionalities that you wish to enjoy, we will need to process certain data which will, in general, be the following:

Why do we process your personal data and what is the legal basis and conservation period?Depending on how you interact with Cj Shekian, we will process your personal data with the following purposes, legal basis and conservation periods:

Purpose: Registration as a customer of Cj Shekian. We need to process your data in order to identify you as a customer and provide access to the functionalities, products and services that are available to you such as volunteering and loyalty programs. Legal basis: Consent. Conservation periods: We will process your data for as long as you remain a registered customer, until you decide to unsubscribe.

Purpose: Includes (i) preparation of the order and delivery management; (ii) payment management and, where applicable, returns, (iii) management of VAT return (iv) invoicing and sending of receipts and invoices for purchases made in the online store, (v) sending of receipts and invoices from physical stores, and (vi) surveys and publication of opinions on the products. Legal basis: Execution of the purchase and/or rent contract. Conservation periods: A period of 6 years from the last transaction made, and will remain blocked until the expiry of possible actions of liability.

Purpose: Sending through any method of remote electronic communication of personalised commercial communications from Cj Shekian (Newsletter, promotions and offers, invitations to special events, surveys and competitions and raffles). Legal basis: Consent. Conservation periods: Until you request cancellation, given that until that time we will understand that you are still interested in receiving our communications.

Purpose: Managing or resolving a request through Customer Service. Legal basis: Execution of the contract and legitimate interest. Conservation periods: We will process your data for as long as necessary in order to respond to your request, which will remain blocked until the expiry of possible actions of liability. If you decide to use WhatsApp or any other similar messaging channel in order to communicate with Customer Service, we recommend that you revise your privacy settings and read the privacy policyin order to obtain more detailed information about the use that the messaging service makes of the personal data of users of the service.

Purpose: Request for information regarding the closest store based on geolocalisation. The geographic localisation is deactivated by default. Legal basis: Only when you request information about the closest store, with prior consent, will this service be activated. Under no circumstances will we undertake continuous monitoring of your location. Conservation periods: The personal data provided will not be stored once the information requested has been provided.

Purpose. Recording and/or reproduction of images and/or video of similar events and activities. Legal basis: we consider that we have a legitimate interest in recording and/or reproducing images and/or videos of similar events and activities organised by Cj Shekian. These recordings may include the voice and/or image of the attendees for use on the website and/or social media, in order to increase knowledge of the brand on the market. For this purpose, Cj Shekian, as has been stated previously, has considered the interests and rights of the interested parties as well as the measures adopted by the processor in order to comply with their general obligations in terms of proportionality and transparency, and has concluded that there is no impact on the fundamental rights and public freedoms of people; the processing can be reasonably anticipated by the interested party and does not imply any exclusion, discrimination, libel or situations that place the reputation and/or power of negotiation of the interested party at risk. Conservation periods: A period of 2 years to be counted from the recording.

Purpose: Preparation of profiles and marketing. Legal basis: we consider that we have legitimate interest to create profiles with the information that we have about you (such as your browsing and/or purchase history) and the personal data that you have provided, as we understand that the processing of this data is also advantageous to you as it permits a better user experience and access to information in accordance with your preferences. To this end, Cj Shekian has considered the interests and rights of the interested parties, and the measures adopted by the manager in order to comply with general obligations with regards to proportionality and transparency, and has concluded that:

the impact on the fundamental rights and public freedoms of people is reduced;

said processing can be reasonably anticipated by the interested party;

the processing of data with the purposes stated above does not lead to exclusion, discrimination, slander or situations that put the reputation of the interested party and/or their power of negotiation at risk. Conservation periods: Until you decide to unsubscribe or cancel your registration as a customer.

Who is the recipient of your data?4.1. Data communication. The personal data processed will only be communicated to third parties incompliance with legal obligations.4.2. Co-liability in the processing of data. Customers at Cj Shekian can register in the online store cjshekian.com.4.3. Data Managers. Cj Shekian will avail of the collaboration of thirdparty suppliers who may have access to your personal data and who may process the same on behalf of the Company, as a consequence of providing their services. Cj Shekian follows strict selection criteria for service providers in order to comply with their obligations of data protection, and therefore commits to sign the corresponding data processing contract with them.Specifically, Cj Shekian will contract the provision of services from third party suppliers who undertake their activity which includes but is not limited to the following sectors: logistics services, legal advice, supplier certification, multi-disciplinary professional service companies, companies related to maintenance, companies who provide technological services, companies who provide IT services, physical security companies, instant messaging service providers, companies for management and maintenance of infrastructures and call centre companies.For efficiency of the service, some of the suppliers mentioned are located in territories located outside the European Union which do not provide a level of data protection similar to that of the European Union, such as the United States. In these cases, we inform you that we transfer your data with suitable guarantees and always protecting the security of your data, by signing the Standard Contractual Clauses approved by the Commission, which can be consulted at the following link: https://ec.europa.eu/info/law/law-topic/data-protection/international-dimension-data-protection/standard-contractual-clauses-scc_en.4.4 Security measures.Cj Shekian uses information security techniques such as firewalls and access control procedures with the objective of avoiding unauthorised access to data and guaranteeing the confidentiality of the same. To achieve this, the user accepts that Cj Shekian can obtain data for the purpose of the corresponding authorisation of access control.In addition, any transaction performed through Cj Shekian is undertaken through secure payment systems. The confidential payment data is directly transmitted in an encrypted format (SSL) to the corresponding entity.Cj Shekian declares to have adopted the technical and organisational measures necessary in order to guarantee the security and integrity of the personal data in question, and to avoid loss, alteration and/or access by unauthorised third parties.4.5 Use of Cookies.We use cookies to facilitate your browsing at Cj Shekian, to learn how you interact with us and, in certain cases, to be able to show you advertising depending on your browsing habits. You will find additional information in our Cookies Policy.

What are your rights when you provide us your data?Your rights regarding the processing of personal data in relation to ADOLFO DOMÍNGUEZ are:

  • Right to request access to the personal data
  • Right to request rectification
  • Right to request removal
  • Right to request limitation of processing
  • Right to data portability
  • Right to oppose processing
  • Right to not be subject to automated decisions, including profiles
  • Right to revoke consent granted for the sending of commercial communications.

What does the right to access include?You will have the right to obtain confirmation regarding whether personal data that concerns you is being processed or not, as well as the following information: the purposes of the processing, the data categories being processed, the recipients or categories of recipients to which they have been communicated or will be, where possible, the anticipated conservation period of the personal data or, where not possible, the criteria used to determine this period. In these cases, we will provide a copy of the personal data bring processed. Also, when requested through electronic means, the information will be provided in a common electronic format.You can exercise this right every six months, except where there is a legitimate cause to request this more than once in said period of six months, and we will inform you of the actions derived from your request in a period of one month. To exercise your right to access, send an email to: [email protected].

What does the right to rectification include?You will have the right to rectify inaccurate personal data that concerns you. For this, you must include, where required, the documentation that justifies the inaccuracy or incomplete nature of the data being processed. To exercise your right to rectification, send an email to:[email protected].

What does the right to removal include?You will have the right to remove personal data that concerns you in any of the following circumstances: when they are not necessary with regards to the purposes they were collected or processed for; when you withdraw your consent and the processing is not based on any other legal basis; when you oppose processing and there are no legitimate reasons for processing; when they have been processed unlawfully. To exercise your right to removal, send an email to: [email protected].

What does the right to processing limitation include?You will have the right to limit the processing of the data when any of the following circumstances occur:

What does the right to data portability include? You will have the right to receive the personal data that concerns you, that you provided to the data processor, in a structured format of common use and mechanical reading, and to send them to another data processor when the processing is based on consent and is carried out through automated methods. When exercising your right to data portability, you will have the right for the personal data to be directly transmitted from data processor to data processor when this is technically possible.The right to portability does not extend to data that the owner of the file has inferred from data derived directly from the use by said processor of the services provided. To exercise your right to portability, send an email to:[email protected].

What does the right to opposition include? You will have the right to oppose the processing of data that concerns you, at any time. If you exercise this right, the owner of the file will no longer process your personal data except where there are compelling legitimate reasons for the processing to prevail over your interests, rights and freedoms, or for the formulation, exercise or defence of complaints. To exercise your right to opposition, send an email to: [email protected].

What is the right to not be subject to automated decisions including profiles?You will have the right not to be subject to a decision based solely on an automated decision, including the preparation of profiles, where said decisions have legal effects or a similar effect, except where:

How can you stop receiving commercial communications? In all of the commercial communications that we send through electronic means, a link with -UNSUBSCRIBE- or similar will be included through which you can request that we do not send you any further commercial communications, without this affecting the legality of the processing based on the consent prior to withdrawal. Furthermore, you can revoke your consent or declare your opposition through any of the following methods: By sending an email to: [email protected] processing period is of 48-72 hours, so it’s possible that in this time you may receive some commercial communication.Also, we inform you that you can contact the Local Data Protection Agency in order to obtain additional information regarding your rights, and the DPD to make any complaint regarding data protection or, where applicable, file a complaint with the Control Authority, the Local Data Protection Agency, particularly when you have not received a satisfactory response through the exercise of your rights.